Team JiggyJigs 10th Place WA BREAM Classic Round 4

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So we’ve launched our new website and we thought what better to do then enter the last round of the WA BREAM Classic series, held on the Swan River on Sunday 13th September.  This turned out to be an interesting day, which left us remembering the old adage, “A poor days fishing is better than a great days work”.


We placed 10th, which we are pretty happy with, but the reality was that the fishing was pretty tough. Our video from the outdoor adventure is already online. We afforded real subscribers and views and now we have a little community on our channel, which becomes bigger every day. Unfortunately 10th also had us missing qualification for the Grand Final by just two places.  When we say the fishing was tough, we’ve got to be honest, we brought some of that upon ourselves by dropping somewhere between 5-10 good fish very early in the day, and another good fish later in the day.  That’s fishing though right?


A big congratulations goes out to Team Bluewater/Lowrance, made up of the ever consistent Alex Greisdorf and Jack Dawson.  As you can see below, the results show just how tough the day’s fishing was, and how important it is to make the most of opportunities in tournament fishing.

1-Bluewater/Lowrance-Alex Greisdorf -Jack Dawson-4-2.575
2-Two in a Savage-Szarn Tink-Graeme Kovacevich-3-1.885
3-Unlucky-Ryan Garth-David Bailey-2-1.325
4-Bream and Tonic-Ryan Wainwright-Dean Wainwright-2-1.130
5-Breammaster-Geoff Spadaccini-Nathan Jones-1-0.715
6-JML-Tom Harders-Joseph Gardner-2-0.655
7-Smackem-Kim McIntyre-Ben Scott-1-0.640
8-Spun in a Webb-Jayden Webb-Graham Webb-1-0.545
9-Keen As-Paul Furlong -Shaun Moran-1-0.510
10-Jiggy Jigs-James Graham-Dave Press-1-0.500
11-JML Anglers Alliance-Brett Dowsett-Sean Higgins-1-0.440
12-Warthogs Offroad-Darren Ogley-Brent Maas-1-0.425
13-Gladiator/Tackle HQ-Shane Owens-Steve Owens-1-0.385
14-Gizmo/Atomic-Steve Galt-Oli Stevenson-1-0.355
15-Tackleworld/Majorcraft-Thys McCarthy-Joe Franco-1-0.330 Coughlan-Matthew Burt-1-0.305
17-Grab a Granny-Steve Yarwood-Andrew Manson-0-0.000
17-Fishtec Solutions-Murray Jeffrey-Anthony Sexton-0-0.000
17-Dunkin for Donuts-Rob Davies-Shane Klompmaker-0-0.000
17-Getaway Outdoors Bentley-Phil Cockshutt-Blair PaisleyKerr-0-0.000
17-Grumpy Old Men-Gary Cope -Tony Ireland-0-0.000
17-Lucky Cast-Jake Gill-Jesse Choy-0-0.000
17-Nomand Tackle-Brendan Chua-Brett Ozanne-0-0.000
17-Bream Machines-Chris Hill-Matthew Jeffery-0-0.000
17-Bream Brothers-Tom Scheiling-Kim Meldrum-0-0.000
17-Whitey’s-Dan Smith-Ash Porter-0-0.000
17-Djilba-Nigel Kelly-Stephen Dimmer-0-0.000
17-Engel Pro-Richard Hinds-Jason Loughhead-0-0.000
17-Austackle/Engel-Don Johnston-Eoin Henderson-0-0.000
17-Purple Ducks-Leigh Barrett-Brendon Harkness-0-0.000
17-Nitro Nation-Ryan Cummins-Brad MacDonald-0-0.000
17-Show off your catch-Adam Wright-Aarin May-0-0.000
17-13 Fishing-Chris Pfunder-Callum Dowell-0-0.000
17-Dark Horses-Colin Peasey-Suzanne Siranovic-0-0.000
17-Team Hurricane-Tim Stylanou-0-0.000


Keep a close eye out on for the full round wrap-up by Ian Sewell and co.


We can’t wait for the next tournament!


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